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The all-in-one supplement that will benefit competitors
and companions, both young and old!

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Our flaxseed supplement will help care for your horse's
joints, coat, hooves, immune system, and more!

Why choose Ozarks Naturals Flax for Your Horse?

Because our Horse Flax is an ALL NATURAL supplement to improve the health of your horse’s joints, coat, hooves, immunity, and more. It is high in beneficial Omega-3 essential fatty acids. And it is grown, milled, and packaged in the USA!


Flaxseed provides Omega-3 fatty acids, which are an important part of your horse’s diet, and they are most likely lacking in it. The Omega-3s found in flaxseeds naturally help reduce inflammation, and balance out the Omega-6 fatty acids that your horse is most likely getting too much of.


Made in the USA

We are proud to say that Horse Flax is grown, milled, and packaged in the USA. All of our flax comes from farmers in North Dakota, which is one of the best places to grow flax in the USA. Know that you are feeding the best flaxseed to your horse!


Food Grade

Our goal is to provide the highest quality Omega-3 supplement to your horse, and we started by choosing to use the highest quality, human grade flax seed we could find. The flax seed we use to make Horse Flax is 100% natural, non-GMO, and human food grade.


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Product Benefits

Horse Flax is an all natural supplement for horses of all ages and disciplines. People are becoming increasingly aware that horses can benefit from being fed a diet that is all natural. In the wild horses eat natural foodstuff, not pharmaceutically manufactured/synthetic supplements, so it makes sense.

Natural supplementation is a great first choice for humans and horses alike. Horse Flax is less invasive to your horse’s system and actually helps enhance their health rather than cover up symptoms. Flaxseed for horses is a great addition to any horse’s diet.

Read about some of the benefits of supplementing your horse with Horse Flax, and click the button below to view all of the benefits.

  • Natural Joint Supplement

    The natural anti-inflammatory properties of Horse Flax helps horses with joint inflammation which can be caused by numerous ailments.

  • Skin & Coat Health

    Horse Flax promotes a healthy, shiny and soft coat. It also helps horses with dry, flaky and/or itchy skin.

  • Digestive Health

    The natural laxative properties of Horse Flax can help you prevent your horse from getting colic and sand colic.

  • Hoof Strength

    Horse Flax is not an overnight fix for your horse’s hooves but it will create a stronger hoof and improve the overall health of the hoof.

  • Heart Health

    The Omega-3 fatty acids found in Horse Flax support a healthy heart and good blood circulation.

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See our Product Testimonials

We have some wonderful testimonials below from equine professionals in many different areas. We hope they can give you some insight into how Horse Flax has helped their horses! It has helped them in the areas of sand colic, joint issues, endurance, and more!